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Radha Rani

Very Few people know that Rani's full name was Radha Rani. This name has a great importance in Hindu way of Life. Goddess Radha Rani is amongst the most respected deities for Hindus. This is a name, which brings in divine thoughts in anyone's mind. A name, which represents affection, love, compassion and smile. Rani lived her life true to her name. So close to it that she was always full of life and respect for everyone. She was known for her sweet, loving and caring nature. If one tries to remember Rani, it's only her smiling face, which shows up. Always smiling. She was born on 31st December 75 in a small village Markada in Deoria District of U.P state. She was daughter of a farmer and her village had limited infrastructure and basic needs. She inherited humbleness & modesty from her father and caring nature & selflessness from her Mother. However, her inner strength and "never say die" spirit was must have come only from almighty. She wanted to live life and her fighting spirits were unparallel.

Rani spent her childhood in village and was the only Girl within the surrounding few villages, who went past Secondary school and went on to obtain a Post graduate Degree in Sociology. Though, her village was a poor place, she was born in the richest family in village but this fact never affected her personality. Rani never lost the simplicity of village life even after seeing and living the five Star life in the later years. At the age of 24, she got married to the man of her dreams. Santosh Tiwari all of 27 was struggling to make a career in the commercial capital of India. People used to say that this is "made of each other couple". While Santosh had aggression, ambition and liking for travel, Rani had patience, devotion and selflessness.

On 8th March 2000, they tied the knots and started life together and a journey began. A change in career just before the marriage kept Santosh on his toes during the initial days of married life but those were the best days for them by all means. Very soon, another pleasant surprise struck them. The pleasure of parenthood.. the feeling of Aditya's existence within Rani took her to the seventh cloud and then finally the day came when Aditya arrived, he opened his Blue eyes in our world and made them realise how incomplete they were without this little angel. If she ever got possessive about anything in life, it was Aditya. It was such a pleasure watching her raise Aditya. All mothers in the world care and nurture their off springs but it was the way she would handle the upbringing of Aditya, that earns her more respect within the known circles.

Life moved on and very soon this young family moved to Mombasa. A real heaven with its White sand beaches and clear waters of the Indian Ocean. It was beginning of another beautiful voyage in life. Rani admired beautiful landscape of Africa. Innocent people, long virgin coastlines, amazing forests and awesome wildlife. As if you are in the lap of mother nature. Rani spent 4 wonderful years in Mombasa, while Santosh kept growing in his career along side entrepreneurial ambitions , visiting all across the African continent, gaining confidence and fame. The dream of turning into an entrepreneur had turned larger than life and he chose Mozambique as his Karmbhoomi (Work place).

At the end of April 2006, It was just before Aditya's 5th Birthday, when she moved back to India to attend her cousin's marriage. And Santosh went to Mozambique to establish an office and to join her 3 weeks later at the time of Vikas's marriage. No one ever imagined in their wildest dreams that the life was about to take such a drastic turn. Rani went for routine check up in Bhilai and the whole family was stricken by a bolt of lightening. Rani was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. This is the deadliest stream amongst all kind of known Blood Cancers. Life changed for her and the family. A beautiful dream turned into an ugly nightmare.

Santosh left everything in Africa and came to be with her. They moved to Mumbai as Doctors and the facilities, who are the best in the business were in Mumbai. For 16 months, struggle to survive continued. Hospital became second home for the family. Rani braved the ordeal with unparallel show of strength and patience. No one would ever imagine that the village Girl, who had never fallen sick in 29 years, will carry a catheter in her neck for a month after an arduous round of Chemotherapy and still smile. She underwent an extremely painful treatment cycle of Chemotherapies followed by a Bone Marrow Transplant. Her Brother donated a fully compatible Marrow. This painful treatment had destroyed her physical strength her face and colour had changed due to high doses of Chemotherapy and Steroids. She lost all her beautiful Hairs several times. From amongst the most beautiful lady in neighbourhood to being a Cancer patient was an extremely painful journey for her. But all Along, Rani had been putting a brave face. She was as jolly and smiling as she was earlier. Once out of hospital, She would still not allow her Mother-in-law to bring her even water. She would call or write regularly to everyone she knew. And 6 months Post BMT, when everyone was thinking that battle has been won and life started crimping back to normal, Cancer came back haunting her. It was a Relapse within the first year of Bone Marrow Transplant. Disease proved to be stronger than the medicines and to the Doctors, writing was on the wall.

True to her "Never say Die" Spirit, she wowed to fight further and in her last ditch effort to conquer Leukaemia went for Ayurvedic Treatment at Patanjali Hospital, Haridwar in Himalayan ranges. Through Pranayam, and Ayurvedic treatment, she started getting her strength back. Her blood reports improved for a short time. However, probably, God needed her more than any one of us and she left us for Heaven on 26th September 2007. While we feel the pain of her absence, she is relieved of all worldly pain and sorrow. She is no more but we can feel her presence in innocent smile of Aditya.

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"We are Missing you Memsaab"
                                  - Tosh
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