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Radha Rani Charitable Society

In Loving memory of Rani, we decided to start a Not-for-Profit Organisation devoted to service of the society and especially the poor.
Radha Rani Charitable Society This organisation is working in the area like Primary Health care, counselling and guidance to persons and families affected with critical ailment, Assistance in providing first aid to Accident victims and Emergency health service, etc.

Radha Rani Charitable SocietyWe have identified a poor neighbourhood in small town Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, a state full of natural resources but also has a large population of underprivileged. This organisation will work towards contributing in these areas in different phases.

Phase - 1

  1. A primary health care centre in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, with two doctors specialising in Allopathic and Ayurvedic treatment. It is Free for all facility. We are discussing with various Medical shops, Diagnostic centres to offer 10-25% discount to the patients referred by our clinic.
  2. Two days per month visits by leading Eye, heart, Gynaecology, Bone, kidney specialists who will examine all the patients free of charge. There will be a bulletin board at the clinic with name, date and time of visit of specialist doctors of respective fields.
  3. Small library and a sitting area for Elderly people. Entertainment facilities like Carom Board, chess, cards, etc. to provide elderly people opportunity for socialising and recreation.
  4. Yoga class to create health awareness. There will be two sessions (Free of charge) every day.
  5. Free counselling to persons / families affected with critical ailments like Blood cancer, TB, etc.
Radha Rani Charitable Society It is a big struggle for many patients to access the best treatment available in the country. We will help by providing information on leading medical institutes and Doctors, list of charitable and low cost accommodation, low cost hospitals and details of charitable trusts that give financial assistance to critically ill but poor patients.

Phase - 2
In the second phase, which will be after successful completion of one year of Phase 1 activities, We wish to undertake following activities.

  1. An Ambulance to be available on 24 x 7 basis. This can be called on a calling Number and then will ferry the emergency cases to the nearest hospitals. Especially any road accident victim.
  2. Make a fixed deposit at the Casualty of JNU Research centre, Bhilai, which is the largest hospital in Chhattisgarh. Presently, any accident victim or an emergency case is not attended until Security deposit is paid. And in many cases, relatives of an accident victim arrive late due to late information or non-availability of funds. We will pledge to deposit the Security amount for any one, who is admitted due to Accident so that his treatment starts very next minute of arrival into the hospital.
  3. Start scholarship for talented but underprivileged students. Society will identify 10 brilliant students from poor economic background every year from various schools and then will fund their studies upto University.

Phase - 3
After successfully accomplishing the above objectives, this society will replicate all above in other areas of Durg District. We will also create awareness about success of this Pilot project in order to motivate other entrepreneurs and professionals to start similar activities in their homeland in other parts of the country and world. We shall draw a SOP (Standard Operating Practice) out of our experience and will provide all the basic information and infrastructure to those, who wish to participate in social cause.

  1. Focus of this society will be on welfare and well being of Children and elderly persons.
  2. Will open multiple "Elder's club".
  3. Will increase the number of scholarships.
  4. Will open more Free Medical centres in Rural India. Will also look at adopting Non-functioning Govt hospitals.
  5. Will organise Blood donation camps, Eye check up and surgery camps.

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